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  1. Allegro definition is - a musical composition or movement in allegro tempo. How to use allegro in a sentence.
  2. al·le·gro (ə-lĕg′rō, ə-lā′grō) Music adv. & adj. Abbr. allo In a quick, lively tempo, usually considered to be faster than allegretto but slower than presto. Used chiefly as a direction. n. pl. al·le·gros 1. An allegro passage or movement. 2. A succession of fast jumps performed as an exercise in ballet. [Italian, from Latin alacer, lively.
  3. If you are a merchant who is signed up for Allegro Credit, you can login to the merchant portal by entering your user ID and password below. Your user ID is either your email address or a .
  4. Cadence Allegro PCB Designer offers the leading physical/electrical constraint-driven PCB layout/interconnect system. Allegro PCB Designer speeds up designs from placement, routing through manufacturing with powerful features as design partitioning, .
  5. Sometimes we share more than we expect. Just find what is most important. cohuginnmetilarfordredora.infoinfo Show lessViews: M.
  6. Allegro Credit has been proud to offer it's financing product in the medical space under the brand AllWell for over a decade. If you offer the AllWell program or have an account opened through our AllWell program, click "Login" below or in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  7. Allegro – największy wybór ofert zawsze pod ręką. Dołącz do 12,5 mln Użytkowników i ciesz się bezpiecznymi zakupami na komputerze, tablecie i smartfonie.
  8. Allegro MicroSystems is redefining the future of power and sensing technologies, helping our customers bring breakthrough innovations to life. From green energy to .

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