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  1. A dental impression is the use of a liquid material that is poured into a dental tray that sets and becomes a solid in the individual’s oral cavity. The result is the dental impression that may be used to shape and form dentures or appliances to fit the individual’s mouth. Any questions regarding dental impressions may be asked to the Experts.
  2. IMPRESSION COMPOUND The use of dental tray compound has decreased with the increased substitution of acrylic tray mate-rials. The application of dental impression compound has also decreased with the increased use of rubber impression materials, which can also be electro-formed to produce metal dies. However, impression.
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  4. Techniques used to make dental impressions of edentulous patients have been known to the profession for many decades. Although improvements in available materials have subtly influenced the process, dentistry’s approach to impression making has remained remarkably consistent over the years.
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  6. Nov 04,  · Album Better Use of Leisure Time. Better Use of Leisure Time Homebody (Rock) Dental Impression 4. Life of Leisure 5. Vestigial Organ 6. The Thing I .
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  8. Jun 02,  · A dentist might need an impression of your teeth for many reasons. A few of the more common reasons are: To make a removable partial denture or a complete denture. To make a conventional dental crown – the newer Cerec in-office crowns can take digital impressions, without the need for the messy impression material.

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