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  1. Impetus is a software products and services company focused on creating powerful and intelligent enterprises through deep data awareness, data integration and advanced data analytics. Impetus - Enabling a unified, clear, and present view of your business.
  2. Impetus definition is - a driving force: impulse. How to use impetus in a sentence. impetus Has Latin Roots a driving force: impulse; incentive, stimulus; stimulation or encouragement resulting in .
  3. Synonyms and Antonyms of impetus. something that arouses action or activity. the reward money should be sufficient impetus for someone to come forward with information about the robbery.
  4. Impetus definition, a moving force; impulse; stimulus: The grant for building the opera house gave impetus to the city's cultural life. See more.
  5. Impetus - Online Store | Underwear for Men, Women and Kids | Impetus Impetus is a brand of underwear, pyjamas and beachwear for men, women and kids, distinguished by .

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