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  1. The meaning of skull tattoos is extensively discussed, but actually these skull tattoo designs can be used for depicting a number of personal understandings. The all-purpose meaning of a skull is death and casualty. For some they may emerge as dreadful or scary, but for some they emerge as humorous.
  2. Skull tattoos have stood the test of time. While many people who originally got skull tattoos are now hitting their 70s and 80s, the new era of skull tattoos in teenagers is coming through. Often combined with elements such as daggers and roses, they are sure to .
  3. A skull tattoo represents acceptance of this fact. Someone with a skull tattoo means that he has accepted his own mortality and temporary status in this world. Believe or not, skull tattoos also symbolize life. Or more specifically, the celebration of life.
  4. Skull is one of those tattoos that evoke in people the whole range of mixed feelings. In general, the meaning of skull tattoos is connected with danger, death and awareness of the transience of human life.
  5. A skull tattoo can be placed on different parts of a person’s body. But men usually prefer placing them on their sleeves, which is the upper part of the arm. Other place include the thigh, the back, and the chest. A few people place skull tattoos on the side or back of their neck.

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