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  1. Having come forth from the pond on the northern bank, after (walking) twenty paces, she lifted up her hand, laid hold of a branch of a tree, and, with her face to the east, gave birth to the heir-apparentWhen he fell to the ground, he (immediately) walked seven paces. Two dragon-kings (appeared) and washed his body.
  2. 李.0 3C15/ ㄌㄧˇ li3. 李.1 N.1 (1) (lii zi0) (Bot.) the plum, Prunus salicina: 桃李 peaches and plums. (fig.) one's students: 桃李滿天下 with students all over the world; 李.1 N.2 李代桃僵 (orig. allu.) two persons suffering for one another, (now) girl replaces another as wife; 李.1 N.3 瓜田李下 or 李下之嫌 .

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